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Crusader states (Eastern Mediterranean/Middle East) The Encyclopedia of Empire, Editor-in-Chief: John M. MacKenzie Wiley Online Library, 2016,
Online: ISBN 9781118455074
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Print: ISBN 978-1-472-41783-1
Pdf: ISBN 978-1-472-41784-8
ePub: ISBN 978-1-472-41785-5
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Print: ISBN 978-2-84516-558-8
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ISBN 978-0-7083-2582-7
e-ISBN 978-0-7083-2583-4
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ISSN 0867-2008
‘Love in a Hot Climate: Gender Relations in Florent et Octavien Languages of Love and Hate: Conflict, Communication, and Identity in the Medieval Mediterranean, ed. Sarah Lambert and Helen Nicholson, pp. 21–36 Brepols Publishers n.v.,
Turnhout, Belgium, 2012,
ISBN 978-2-503-52064-3M
e-ISBN 978-2-503-54013-9
‘The Military Orders in Wales and the Welsh March in the Middle Ages’ The Military Orders, 5, ed. Peter W. Edbury, pp. 189–207 Ashgate, Farnham, Surrey & Burlington, VT, 2012,
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‘Supporting Christians in Faraway Lands’ (‘Welsh History Month: The Churches of Gower’) Western Mail (2 April 2012),
and online at
Western Mail & South Wales News, Cardiff,
ISSN 0307-5214
Now published as ‘Fighting the Good Fight: The Churches of the Gower’ in Buildings and Places in Welsh History: A New History of Wales, ed. H.V. Bowen, pp. 67–74 Gomer Press, Llandysul, Ceredigion, 2013,
ISBN 978 1 84851 660 1
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‘Have the Knights Templar and the Knights Hospitaller had a positive impact on Wales?’ Western Mail (24 March 2011),
and online at
Western Mail & South Wales News, Cardiff,
ISSN 0307-5214
Now published as ‘Knights Templar and Knights Hospitaller: Heroes or Heretics?’ in Heroes and Villains in Welsh History: A New History of Wales, ed. H.V. Bowen, pp. 37–44 Gomer Press, Llandysul, Ceredigion, 2012,
ISBN 978 1 84851 485 0
‘The Hospitallers and the “Peasants’ Revolt” of 1381 revisited’ The Military Orders, 3, ed. Victor Mallia-Milanes, pp. 225–33 Ashgate, Aldershot, Hants. & Burlington, VT, 2008,
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ISBN 978-0195148909
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‘Crusades and Crusading Literature’ Medieval Women and Gender in Medieval Europe: an Encyclopedia, ed. Stephen Morillo), pp. 183–4 Routledge, New York, 2006,
ISBN 0415969441
Articles on: the Eracles, Ernoul, Jerusalem, (Latin) kingdom of (with Alan V. Murray), St Maurice – order of, the Military Orders, the Third Crusade, Ralph de Diceto, Richard of Devizes and Rigord The Encyclopedia of the Crusades, ed. Alan V. Murray, 4 vols; vol. 2 pp. 405, 407–8, 662–72; vol. 3, pp. 808, 825–30; vol. 4, pp. 1002–3, 1035, 1038–9 ABC-CLIO, Santa Barbara, Calif., 2006,
ISBN 1-57607-862-0,
e-book ISBN 1-57607-863-9
Translations of chapters 78, 79, 81 and 186, 187 of Jean Froissart, Chroniques. Dernière rédaction du premier livre. Édition du manuscrit de Rome, Reg. lat. 869, ed. George T. Diller (Geneva: Droz, 1972) Reading the Middle Ages: Sources from Europe, Byzantium and the Islamic World, ed. Barbara H. Rosenwein, pp. 512–17 Broadview Press, Peterborough, Ontario, 2006,
ISBN 1-55111- 693-6
‘“La roine preude femme et bonne dame”: Queen Sybil of Jerusalem (1186–1190) in History and Legend, 1186–1300’ The Haskins Society Journal, 15 (2004), ed. Margaret C. Schaus with Susan Mosher Stuard and Thomas Izbicki The Boydell Press, Woodbridge, 2006,
ISBN 1-84383-198-8
ISSN 0963-4959
‘International Mobility versus the Needs of the Realm: The Templars and Hospitallers in the British Isles in the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Centuries’ International Mobility in the Military Orders (12th to 15th Centuries), ed. Jochen Burgtorf and Helen Nicholson University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2006,
 ISBN 0-7083-1907-6
and University of Alabama Press, 2006, ISBN 0-8173-1512-8
‘Saints Venerated in the Military Orders’ Selbstbild und Selbstverständnis der geistlichen Ritterorden, ed. Jürgen Sarnowsky and Roman Czaja, pp. 87–101 Ordines Militares: Colloquia Torunensia Historica XII, Torun, 2005
Reprinted in Russian as: “Pochitanie svyatȳkh v voenno-monasheskikh ordenakh” in Clavis Medii Aevi, 2 (2007) 116–40


‘The Sisters’ House at Minwear, Pembrokeshire: analysis of the documentary and archaeological evidence’ Archaeologica Cambrensis, 151 (2002), 109–38 ISSN 0306-6924
‘Echoes of the Past and Present Crusades in Les Prophecies de Merlin Romania: revue trimestrielle consacrée à l’étude des langues et des littératures romanes, 122 (2004), 320–40 ISSN 0035-8029
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ISBN 1-84483-040-3
Also published as:
Crusades: The Illustrated History (Ann Arbor: University of Michigan Press, 2004);
Les Croisades, French trans. Bernard Gautier (Paris: Sélection, 2004);
Ristiretket: Kristinusko, Islam, pyhiinvaellukset, sota, Finnish trans. Veikko Ahola (Helsinki: Gummerus, 2005);
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Die Kreuzzüge German (Cologne: Taschen, 2008);
•Farsi trans. Paviz Delirpoor (Tehran: Sabzan, 2014).
‘The Motivations of the Hospitallers and Templars in their Involvement in the Fourth Crusade and its Aftermath’ Originally published online at Hill Monastic Manuscript Library.
Now available at
Hill Monastic Manuscript Library Malta Study Center Lecture, 2003
‘The Hospitallers and the “Peasants’” Revolt of 1381 Revisited’ St John Historical Society Proceedings (2003), pp. 43–55.  
‘Serving King and Crusade: The Military Orders in Royal Service in Ireland, 1220-1400’ The Experience of Crusading, vol. 1, Western Approaches, ed. Marcus Bull and Norman Housley, pp. 233–52. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 2003, ISBN
0521811686 (vol. 1)
0521826675 (2 vols)
‘The Hospitallers in England, the kings of England and relations with Rhodes in the Fourteenth Century’ Sacra Militia: Rivista di Storia Degli Ordini Militari, 2 (2002), 25–45. ISSN 1591-7142
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ISBN 963-9241-42-3
‘The Head of St Euphemia: Templar Devotion to Female Saints’ Gendering the Crusades, ed. Susan Edgington and Sarah Lambert, pp. 108–20. University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2001,
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‘Margaret de Lacy and the Hospital of St John at Aconbury, Herefordshire’

The Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 50 (1999), 629–51. ISSN 0022-0469
Republished in:
Hospitaller Women in the Middle Ages, ed. Anthony Luttrell and Helen J. Nicholson

Ashgate, Aldershot, 2006,
ISBN: 0-7546-0646-5

‘The Knights Hospitaller on the Frontiers of the British Isles’ Mendicants, Military Orders and Regionalism in Medieval Europe, ed. Jürgen Sarnowsky, pp. 47–57 Ashgate, Aldershot, 1999,
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ISBN 1-88496-433-8
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ISBN 0-86078-679-X
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ISBN 0-86078-438-X
‘Saints or sinners? The Knights Templar in Medieval Europe’  History Today, 44(12) (1994), 30–36
ISSN 0018-2753
See History Today
Republished in: Annual Editions Western Civilization, Volume 1, edn 13, ed. Robert L. Lembright McGraw Hill (Aug 2004)
ISBN: 0072968796
Premium Article also at:
‘The Military Orders in the Romantic Literature of the thirteenth century’ St John Historical Society Proceedings, 5 (1993), 25–41.  
‘Steamy Syrian Scandals: Matthew Paris on the Templars and Hospitallers’ Medieval History, 2(2) (1992), 68–85 ISSN 0960-775
‘Templar attitudes towards women’ Medieval History, 1(3) (1991), 74–80 ISSN 0960-7752
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ed. Judith Loades, pp. 182–9
Bangor, Headstart History, 1990,
ISBN 1-873041-00-4

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