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The Proceedings Against the Templars in the British Isles

The first full transcription and translation of the four surviving manuscript records for the proceedings against the Knights Templar in the British Isles:

  1. Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Bodley 454,
  2. London, British Library, Cotton MS Julius B xii
  3. Vatican, Archivo Segreto Vaticano, Armarium XXXV, 147
  4. London, British Library Additional MS 5444, fols 174r–192r

Two Volumes:

Volume 1, xl + 432pp,
The Latin Edition

With introduction to the manuscripts.

Volume 2, lx + 653pp
The Translation

With introduction to the translation, including a survey of the trial in the Britsh Isles and the use of the testimonies as historical evidence.

  1. Templar brothers mentioned in the proceedings
  2. Templar properties in the British Isles
  3. Locations of the trial proceedings


Published by Ashgate Publishing.
Vol. 1: ISBN 978 1 4094 3650 8 – hardback (2011)
Vol. 2: ISBN 978 1 4094 3652 2 – hardback (2011)
The set of two volumes: ISBN 978 0 7546 5394 3 – hardback (2011)

A Brief History of the Knights Templar

A revised and updated edition of Knights Templar: A New History, with new pictures and additional material on the procedings against the Templars in the British Isles.

Published in the UK by Constable & Robinson Ltd.
ISBN 978 1 8490 1100 6 – paperback (2010)

Published in the USA by Running Press, an imprint of Perseus Books Group
ISBN 978 0 7624 3848 8 – paperback (2010)

Available for download in accessible formats from ReadHowYouWant
ISBN 9781459642942 – large print (2012), braille and synthesised audio

Published by Audible as an audio book, narrated by John Telfer (2013)

The Knights Templar on Trial: The Trial of the Templars in the British Isles, 1308–1311



  1. The Beginning of the Trial of the Templars
  2. The Arrests in the British Isles
  3. The Templars’ Land in Royal Hands
  4. The Interrogations in England
  5. The Trial in Scotland: Mixed Reactions
  6. The Trial in Ireland: ‘All the Templars are Guilty’
  7. The End of the Trial in the British Isles


Published by The History Press.
ISBN 978 0 7509 4681 0 – hardback (2009)
Also available as an ebook on Kindle, Kobo and iBooks

Knight Templar 1120–1312

Number 91 in the Osprey Warrior series


Recruitment and Admission
Belief and Belonging
Appearance and Equipment
Living Conditions: On Campaign
Experience of Battle
Museums and Re-enactment
Colour Plate Commentaries

Also available in Italian as
I Cavalieri Templari
Number 2 in the Guerrieri series

Published by Libreria Editrice Goriziana,
ISBN 978 88 6102 090 0 – softback (2011)

Published by Osprey Publishing

ISBN 1 84176 670 4 – English softback (2004)

ISBN 978 8 49397 481 7 – Spanish softback (2012)

also published as part of
God’s Warriors: Crusaders, Saracens and the battle for Jerusalem
with David Nicolle

Part of the Osprey General Military series


Part One: Hattin 1187
Part Two: Rival Military Elites
• Saracen Faris
• Knights Templar

Also available in Polish as Rycerze Boga. Zakon Templariuszy I Saraceni

Published by Bellona, Warszawa
ISBN 978 831111 570 5 (2005)

Published by Osprey Publishing
ISBN 1 84176 943 6 – hardback (2005)
ISBN 1 84603 143 5 – softback (2006)

The Crusades
Part of The Greenwood Guides to Historic Events of the Medieval World



  1. Introduction: Definitions and Motivations
  2. Crusading Expeditions to the Holy Land, 1095–1291
  3. Expeditions in the Iberian Peninsula
  4. The “Crusade” in North-Eastern Europe
  5. Crusades Against Heretics: the Albigensian Crusades and the Hussite Crusades
  6. Crusades Against the Ottoman Turks in the Balkans
  7. Conclusion: The Impact of Crusading on the History of Europe and its Neighbors

Primary Documents in translation
Annotated Bibliography

Published by Greenwood Publishing
ISBN 0 313 32685 1 – hardback (2004)
ISBN 0 313 06124 6 – electronic version
Kindle edition
Also available on Google Play

Also published by Hackett Publishing Co.
ISBN 978-0-87220-619-9 softback – (2009)

Crusades, published by Hackett

Medieval Warfare: Theory and Practice of War in Europe, 300–1500


Chronology of the Main Events

  1. The Theory of Warfare
  2. Military Personnel
  3. Military Buildings
  4. Military Equipment
  5. The Practice of Land Warfare
  6. Naval Warfare

Notes, Further Reading and Index

Published by Palgrave Macmillan
ISBN 0 333 76330 0 – hardback (2004)
ISBN 0 333 76331 9 – softback (2004)

The Knights Hospitaller



  1. The Origins of the Hospital of St John in Jerusalem
  2. Holy War in the Latin East and on the European Frontiers, 1100–1300
  3. The Hospitallers on Rhodes, 1306–1522
  4. The Hospitallers’ organisation and religious life
  5. Relations with the rest of Christendom: the Hospitallers’ political and economic activities in Europe
  6. The Order of Malta, 1530–1798
  7. Conclusion: the Order of St John from 1798 to the present day

Notes, Further Reading and Index

Published by Boydell & Brewer
ISBN 0 85115 845 5 – hardback (2001) (out of print)
ISBN 1 84383 038 8 – softback (2003)

The Knights Templar: A new history

ISBN 0 7509 2517 5 – hardback (2001) (out of print)

Founded in the early twelfth century, the Knights of the Order of the Temple of Solomon united the knightly and religious roles which were at the core of medieval society. In 1307 the Brothers of the Order were arrested and charged with denying Christ, spitting on the crucifix, indecency and idol worship. How did this respected religious Order, which had operated in the Holy Land and throughout Europe for over 200 years, meet such an undignified end?


Introduction: An Overview

  1. The Origins of the Order of the Temple
  2. The Latin East: Defenders of Holy Church
  3. Holy War in Spain and in Eastern Europe
  4. The Organisation and Government of the Order
  5. Religious Life
  6. Most trustworthy servants: in the service of European kings
  7. Commercial and Economic Activities
  8. The Trial of the Templars and its Aftermath
  9. Conclusion: the Templar Myth

Notes, Further Reading and Index

Published by Sutton Publishing

ISBN 0 7509 3839 0 – softback (2004) (out of print)

ISBN 83 11 10082 9 – hardback (2005)

Also available as:

Rycerze Templariusze

Translated into Polish by Piotr Chojnacki

With revised plates and captions.

Książka autorstwa wybitnej znawczyni dziejów Zakonu Rycerzy Świątyni Salomona, popularnie zwanych templariuszami, napisana w oparciu o liczne zachowane źródła , w tym o te niedawno odkryte. Pozwala zrozumieć przyczyny haniebnego końca działającej przez ponad 200 lat w Europie oraz Ziemi Świętej, pod przykrywką walki o wiarę, potęgi militarnej i finansowej. Stanowi doskonałą lekturę dla wszystkich, którzy chcieliby poznać prawdziwą historię templariuszy.

Published by Bellona, Warszawa

ISBN 84 8432 719 1 – hardback (2006)

ISBN 978 84 9892 040 6 – paperback (2009)

And as:

Los Templarios: Una nueva historia

Translated into Spanish by Joan Rabasseda Gascón

Published by Crítica, Barcelona

Love, War and the Grail

ISBN 978 90 04 12014 3 –
hardback (2001)

ISBN 0 39104 218 1 –
softback (2004) (out of print)

Also available from

This is a study of the appearances of the Knights Templar, Knights Hospitaller and Teutonic Knights in the French, German and English epic and romance literature of the Middle Ages. It examines their religious roles, such as caring for the sick, their warrior role of fighting Muslims, and examines the role of ‘Templars’ in the Grail romances. It traces how these roles developed over time and considers what function the appearances of these military religious orders performed in the composition of a work of fictional literature.
The frequent appearances of the Military Orders in medieval fictional literature are of interest both to historians and to literary specialists. This is the first study to consider the subject in depth across the medieval period.


  1. Introduction
  2. Monastic Roles
  3. Military Activity
  4. The Grail
  5. The Appearance of the Military Orders in Medieval Fictional Literature
  6. Servants of Christian Knights
  7. The Predominance of the Templars
  8. Some Conclusions

Extensive Bibliography and Index

Published by Brill Academic Publishing

Chronicle of the Third Crusade: A Translation of the Itinerarium Peregrinorum et Gesta Regis Ricardi

A translation of ‘The itinerary of the pilgrims and the deeds of King Richard’. This chronicle is the most comprehensive and complete account of the Third Crusade, covering virtually all the events of the crusade in roughly chronological order, and adding priceless details such as descriptions of King Richard the Lionheart’s personal appearance, shipping, French fashions and discussion of the international conventions of war.



Books 1 – 6

Bibliography and Index

Published by Ashgate Publishing Ltd
ISBN 1 85928 154 0 – hardback (1997) (out of print)
ISBN 978 0 7546 0581 2 – softback (2001)

Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights: images of the military orders, 1128–1291

Templars, Hospitallers and Teutonic Knights



  1. A chronological summary of attitudes towards the military orders, 1128–1291
  2. The rulers of Catholic Christendom and the military orders
  3. The views of the clergy
  4. The views of the laity
  5. The representations of the military orders in literary sources and legend
  6. The military orders’ self-perception and presentation
  7. The implication of the military orders in the loss of Acre, May 1291

Conclusion, Notes, Bibliography and Index

Published by Leicester University Press
ISBN 0 7185 1411 4 – hardback (1993)
ISBN 0 7185 2277 X – softback (1995)
Both formats currently out of print

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