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Edited Works

Deeds Done Beyond the Sea:
Essays on William of Tyre, Cyprus and the Military Orders – Presented to Peter Edbury

Edited with Susan B. Edgington

Crusades – Subsidia 6


  1. Some New Light on the Composition Process of William of Tyre’s HistoriaBenjamin Z. Kedar
  2. William of Tyre’s Attitude towards Islam: Some Historical Reflections – Nicholas Morton
  3. Biblical Quotations and Formulaic Language in the Chronicle of William of Tyre – Alan V. Murray
  4. William of Tyre and the First Rulers of the Latin Principality of Antioch – Thomas Asbridge
  5. Differing Views of Renaud de Châtillon: William of Tyre and L’Estoire d’EraclesPhilip D. Handyside
  6. Re-translating William of Tyre: The Origins of the Templars and Hospitallers according to London, British Library Additional Manuscript 5444, fols 242v–248r – Helen J. Nicholson
  7. Saladin, from Memory towards Myth in the Continuations – John France
  8. Holy War and Kingship in Fifteenth-century Hungary: The Libellus de virtutibus Mathiae Corvino Dedicatus of Andreas Pannonius (1467) – Norman Housley
  9. Cypriot Gold Thread in Late Medieval Silk Weaving and Embroidery – David Jacoby
  10. A New Manuscript of Leontios Makhairas’s Chronicle of the ‘Sweet Land of Cyprus’: British Library, MS Harley 1825 and the Circulation of Manuscripts of Cypriot Interest in Stuart England – Angel Nicolaou-Konnari
  11. Animals and the Law: A Comparison Involving Three Thirteenth-century Legal Texts from the Lan East – Nicholas Coureas
  12. Amanieu Son of Bernard, Count of Astarac, Croisé Manqu&ea? Deconstructing the Myth of an Eighteenth-century Crusader – Michalis Olympios
  13. Queen Plaisance of Cyprus and the Bulla CypriaChris Schabel
  14. Gregory VII and the Idea of a Military–Religious Order – Paul Crawford
  15. A Rental of Hospitaller Properties in Twelfth-century Jerusalem – Denys Pringle
  16. Afonso of Portugal, Master of the Hospital: 1202/3–1206 – Anthony Luttrell
  17. The Identity of the Order of St John of Jerusalem in Portugal: The Constitution of a Documentary and Monumental Memory and the Agenda of the Late Crusade – Paula Pinto Costa
  18. Peter Edbury as a Historian – Christopher Tyerman


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Languages of Love and Hate:
Conflict, Communication, and Identity in the Medeval Mediterranean

Edited with Sarah Lambert

International Medieval Research Volume 15.



  1. Tolerated Otherness: The ‘Unconverted’ Saracen in the Chansons de gesteMarianne Ailes
  2. Love in a Hot Climate: Gender Relations in Florent et OctavienHelen J. Nicholson
  3. ‘Pagans’ and ‘Others’ in the Chanson de JérusalemSusan B. Edgington
  4. Crusaders in a Hall of Mirrors: The Portrayal of Saracens in Robert the Monk’s Historia IherosolimitanaCarol Sweetenham
  5. Translation, Citation, and Ridicule: Renart the Fox and Crusading in the Vernacular – Sarah Lambert
  6. Eyeing up Eunuchs: Western Perceptions of Byzantine Cultural Difference – Shaun Tougher
  7. Collusion with the Infidel as a Pretext for Western Military Action Against Byzantium (1180–1204) – Jonathan Harris
  8. Greeks and Latins at the Time of the Fourth Crusade: Patriarch John X Kamateros and a Troubadour TensoLinda Paterson
  9. Greeks and Franks After the Fourth Crusade: Identity in the Chronicle of MoreaTeresa Shawcross
  10. ‘Catholics’ in the Byzantine Political Elite: The Case of Demetrius Kydones – Judith R. Ryder
  11. Mamluks and Crusaders: Architectural Appropriation and Cultural Encounter in Mamluk Monuments – Karen Rose Mathews
  12. Modes of Literary Behaviour in Christian-Islamic Encounters in the Iberian Peninsula: Pseudo-Turpin versus Peter the Venerable – Matthias M. Tischler
  13. Rodrigo Jiménez de Rada and his Historia Arabum: An Extraordinary Example of Inter-cultural Tolerance? – Matthias Maser
  14. Integration or Exclusion of Judaism in the Later Middle Ages? The Apologetic Strategies of Ramón Llull – Wolfram Drews

Select Bibliography and Index

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On the Margins of Crusading:
The Military Orders, the Papacy and the Christian World

Volume 4 in the SSCLE’s Crusades Subsidia.


Introduction – Helen J. Nicholson

  1. A Jerusalem Indulgence: 100/3 – Anthony Luttrell
  2. Fulfilling a Mediteranean Vocation: The Domus Sancte Marie Montis Gaudii de Jerusalem in North-West Italy – Elena Bellomo
  3. Templar Liturgy and Devotion in the Crown of Aragon – Sebastián Salvadó
  4. Gerard de Ridefort and the Battle of Le Cresson (1 May 1187): The Developing Narative Tradition – Peter Edbury
  5. Clement V and the Road to Avignon, 1304–1309 – David Morrow Bryson
  6. “Vox in excelso” Deconstructed. Exactly What Did Clement V Say? – Anne-Gilmour-Bryson
  7. Myths and Reality: The Crussades and the Latin East as Presented during the Trial of the Templars in the British Isles, 1308–1311 – Helen J. Nicholson
  8. La Réforme de l’Hôpital par Jean XXII: Le Démembrement des Prieurés de Saint-Gilles et de France (21 juillet 1317) – Jean-Marc Roger
  9. The Search for the Defensive System of teh Knights in the Dodecanese (Part 1: Chalki, Symi, Nisyros and Tilos) – Michael Heslop
  10. Kronobäck Commandery: A Field Study – Christer Carlsson
  11. Crisis? What Crisis? The “Warning of the Order of St Lazarus after the Crusades – Rafaël Hyacinthe

Select Bibliography and Index

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The Debate on the Trial of the Templars (1307–1314)
Edited with Jochen Burgtorf and Paul F. Crawford

A collection of twenty-eight papers covering the latest research of scholars around the world.

This book collects together the research of both junior and senior scholars from around the world in order to establish the current state of scholarship and identify areas for new research. Individual chapters examine various aspects of the background to the trial, the financial, political and religious context of the trial in France, the value of the Templars' testimonies, and consider the trial across the whole of Europe, from Poland and Cyprus to Ireland and Portugal. Rather than trying to close the discussion on the trial of the Templars, this book opens a new chapter in the ongoing scholarly debate.


Part 1: Before the Trial
Part 2: The Trial in France
Part 3: The Trial in the Iberian Peninsula
Part 4: The Trial in the British Isles
Part 5: The Trial in Other Countries
Part 6: General Aspects and the Aftermath
Conclusion, Bibliography and Indexes

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ISBN 978-0-7546-6570-0 – hardback (2010)
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The Hospitallers, the Mediterranean and Europe:
Festschrift for Anthony Luttrell

Edited with Karl Borchardt and Nikolas Jaspert


Part 1: The Crusader Period

Part 2: Rhodes and the Latin East

Part 3: The Military-Religious Orders in the West


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ISBN 978 0 7546 6275 4 – hardback (2007)
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Hospitaller Women in the Middle Ages
Edited with Anthony Luttrell

This volume brings together recent and new research, with several items specially translated into English, on the sisters of the largest and most long-lived of the military-religious orders, the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem.


  1. Introduction: a Survey of Hospitaller Women in the Middle Ages – Anthony Luttrell and Helen J. Nicholson
  2. Women and the Military Orders in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries – Alan Forey
  3. Men and Women of the Hospitaller, Templar and Teutonic Orders: Twelfth to Fourteenth Centuries – Francesco Tommasi
  4. The Sisters of the Order of Saint John at Mynchin Buckland – Myra Struckmeyer
  5. The Aragonese Hospitaller Monastery of Sigena: its Early Stages, 1188–c. 1210 – Luis García-Guijarro Ramos
  6. Margaret de Lacy and the Hospital of Saint John at Aconbury, Herefordshire – Helen J. Nicholson
  7. The Hospitaller Sisters in Frisia – Johannes A. Mol
  8. Fleur de Beaulieu (d. 1347), Saint of the Hospital of Saint John of Jerusalem – Paulette L’Hermite-Leclercq
  9. The Female Hospitallers of San Bevignate at Perugia: 1325–c. 1507 – Francesco Tommasi

Index of names and places

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The Military Orders and the Reformation:
Choices, State Building, and the Weight of Tradition

Edited with Johannes A. Mol and Klaus Militzer

A collection of thirteen papers of the Utrecht Coference, 30 September–2 October 2004.


Introduction – Klaus Militzer

  1. Hochmeister Albrecht von Brandenburg-Ansbach und Lundmeister Gotthard Kettler – Udo Arnold
  2. Poland in the face of the Lutheranisation of Prussia – Janusz Małłek
  3. Der Deutsche Orden und die Reformation in Livland – Juhan Kreem
  4. The Dissolution of the Hospitaller houses in Scandinavia – Martin Berntson
  5. The English Knights Hospitaller and the Reformation – Gregory O'Malley
  6. Die Johanniter in Deutschland und die Reformation – Karl Borchardt
  7. Vorgeschichte und Anfänge der Reformation in der Ballei Brandenburg des Johanniterordens – Jürgen Sarnowsky
  8. Daß der Teutsch Orden noch nit erloschen ... Strukturelle Wandlungen des Deutschen Ordens im Reich im Gefolge der Reformation – Jörg Seiler
  9. Trying to Survive. The Military Orders in Utrecht, 1580–1620 – Johannes A. Mol
  10. The Art Treasures of the Haarlem Convent of St John – Truus van Bueren
  11. Faithful to Tradition. The Function of the Portrait Series of the Land Commanders of the Teutonic Order, Utrecht Bailiwick – Daantje Meuwissen
  12. Wegen der 'Erhaltung der Katholischen Religion' oder andere Interessen? – Jozef Mertens
  13. Grand Master Lascaris and the Catholic Reformation – David F. Allen

Name Index

Published by Uitgeverij Verloren BV
ISBN 90 6550 913 5 – softback (2006)

The Crusades
Part of the Palgrave Advances series



Chronology of the crusades, 1095–1798
Chronology of the main secondary texts
Introduction: definition and scope

  1. Ideology and motivations in the first crusade – Jean Flori
  2. Crusading and canon law – James Muldoon
  3. Crusading warfare – John France
  4. The material culture of the crusades – Maria Georgopoulou
  5. Prosopography – Alan V. Murray
  6. Gender theory – Deborah Gerish
  7. Frontiers – Nora Berend
  8. Crusades and colonization in the Baltic – Sven Ekdahl
  9. National feeling and the legacy of the crusades – Jean Richard
  10. The crusaders’ perceptions of their opponents – Margaret Jubb
  11. Byzantine and modern Greek perceptions of the crusades – Eleni Sakellariou
  12. Muslim reactions to the crusades – Helen J. Nicholson

Further Reading and Index

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International Mobility in the Military Orders
Edited with Jochen Burgtorf

The military orders, particularly the Templars and Hospitallers, depended on intense East-West contacts and extensive geographical networks (from Spain to the Middle East, from Scotland to Northern Africa) for the exchange of personnel, resources and monies. To date there has been no comprehensive study of international contacts, networks and mobility within these orders.This book focuses on this important aspect of the history of the military orders, which is examined and developed in depth and breadth.


Part I – General aspects and individual cases
Part II – Regional Studies

Published in Europe by University of Wales Press – ISBN 0 70831 907 6
and in America by University of Alabama Press – ISBN 0 8173 1512 8 – hardback (2006)

The Military Orders. Volume 2: Welfare and Warfare

This collection of thirty-three papers from the second international conference on the Military Orders, contributed by scholars from Europe, the Middle East and the United States, covers the whole period of the Military Orders’ existence. The diversity of the subject matter reflects the Military Orders’ wide-ranging activities, dealing with topics such as medieval hospital care, crusading in the Middle East, warfare in Lithuania, piracy in the Mediterranean, castles in Bohemia, the Reformation in Switzerland and seventeenth-century European diplomacy.



Part I – Welfare
Part II – Warfare
Part III – Life Within the Military Orders
Part IV – Relations with the Outside World

Bibliography and index

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ISBN 978 0 86078 679 5 – hardback (1998)

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